Michelle Fierro

April 2002

As in her previous work, Michelle Fierro uses solidified lumps of paint and other scavenged debris in her paintings to create chromatic fields punctuated by what looks like haphazard clusters of color. The placement of all Fierro’s mark making from brushstrokes to pencil line is deliberate and calculated, creating curious compositions. These tenacious works offer a sense of humor and surprise, luring the viewer into what will always be an engaging exchange. This new group of paintings, Fierro’s compositions and surface manipulation has become much more reductive. Marks or pencil line still divide and create form but now Fierro uses this technique on a reduced level. Fierro’s interest in the viscosity of paint is explored in many ways from squeezing or pooling the paint directly out of the tube to brushing and layering it onto the canvas. Fields of color have been applied to create an implied separation of space or, alternatively, a vanishing point where one color can merge into another.

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