Casey Keeler

Sculpture and Paintings
June 5 – July 5, 2003

Through painting and sculpture, Casey Keeler has created a variety of works including stalagmite landscapes, comprised of hundreds of bite-sized blocks, as well as paintings of organic structures composed of luscious saturated color. The objects, though appearing to be rooted in abstraction, subtly reference the organic such as plant life, cell division or landscape. The paintings are constructed using a wet-on wet technique. The sculptures are created by carefully layering various colors of paint to build form and structure.

Keeler’s work begins by taking the chosen materials and manipulating them in a manner that is determined by their physical properties. The artist repeatedly dipped blocks of wood in paint to create forms resembling stalagmites and trees. Each one of these mini sculptures is grouped together to create a landscape. The sculptures represent displaced locations that are reminiscent of farmland, corporate graph, stalactites, boxes of chocolates, and intestinal walls.

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