Tania Kitchell

Low Pressure
New Works
Dec. 2, 2004 – Jan. 15, 2005

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by Toronto artist Tania Kitchell. Her work is informed by environment and climate, specifically the harshness of the winter and her perception and relationship with it. She explores these ideas through photographs and rigorously kept weather entries, which fuel her work.

In her photographs, Kitchell presents us with the artist’s environment as the subject; one in which she reacts to and interacts with. Kitchell reveals how her body and the environment impact each other simultaneously by showing remnants of these interactions; the artist’s breath made visible by the cold, the snow formed by her hand, the traces of her footsteps. The resulting photographs are at once documentary and performance based. Though the acts within the photographs are staged, the weather cannot be controlled. Recording the weather is one way in which the artist attempts to regain this control. As a way of documenting the passing of time as well as an affirmation to consider each day, Kitchell creates a sense that nothing is constant and that change is inevitable.

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