Marcelino Goncalves

New Paintings
April 7, – May 14, 2005

James Harris Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Marcelino Gonçalves. Inspired by a 1970s brochure of a summer boy’s camp, Goncalves has created exquisitely subtle paintings of poignant moments and places seen through the lens of the male gaze. The eight pictorial paintings are lyrical and intimate and celebrate the beauty and craft of painting. The artist situates his open narratives in lushly painted verdant landscapes and provides an idyllic escape for the quiet desperation of today’s world.

Goncalves paintings are laconic—they tell you just enough yet provide a full story by implication. Though the subject matter alludes to nostalgia of male innocence, they comment on the contemporary. He depicts boys frolicking in the water, canoeing, horseback riding or learning to shoot. Desire continues to be subtly evoked through actions, camaraderie and the ever-present warmth of the sun-bathed narratives. Landscape and interiors devoid of human presence are imbued with an emotional longing. Taken as a whole, what makes the artist’s work so remarkable is his lack of pretense while still securing the gravitas of classic romanticism.

Marcelino Goncalves’ first exhibition with cherrydelosreyes received a Best of 2002 mention and a review in the December 2002 Artforum. Goncalves received his MFA from UCLA.

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