Squeak Carnwath

Primary Research
May 19 – June 25, 2005

Squeak Carnwath’s paintings are ruminations on time, place, and human presence. Her iconography and use of color is a trigger for thoughts, memories and experiences. Through a combination of symbols, shapes and referential objects, Carnwath infuses the work with emotion and meaning. She offers saturated colors in the forms of ovals, blocks, and dots combined with her signature vocabulary of records, wishbones, horseshoes and hand written text to convey both bold exuberance and quiet reflection. These disparate forms become symbolic constructions for Carnwath’s meditations on the past, present and future.

Carnwath’s extremely deliberate paintings create not only an intimate form of expression but also a universal one. Drawn into the artist’s world, the viewer jumps or skips across the work into an attempt to piece together an elaborate cryptic narrative which refuses to offer a conclusive ending. Carnwath wants the viewer to make connections between words, objects and shapes; connections that often evoke moments of humor and sadness. This body of work continues to critique her interest in art history and especially painting as a vehicle for expression.

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