Eric Elliott

July 3 – August 23, 2008

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by Seattle artist Eric Elliott. Inspired by scientific theories of a unified field, or an underlying interconnectedness in the physical world, Elliott uses traditional still life painting (in an untraditional manner) in order to explore the relationship between a gathering of objects.

In past work, the artist’s attention was turned towards any number of random objects available in his studio-paint cans, a teapot, and a myriad of vessels. In his current exhibition, Elliott presents six paintings, each organized simply around a single plant. Using this common theme, the artist makes evident his interest in both interconnectedness and difference, and the balance between the two. Indeed, Elliott at times allows the plant to emerge as a distinct point of focus and, at others, makes it barely visible, leaving it to mix with the whole of its environment.

Elliott achieves his visual amalgamations through his limited palette, united around a neutral gray, and dense applications of paint that both reveal objects and push them into pictorial abstraction. His still lifes serve as a metaphor for any gathering of objects, and elegantly suggest that everything is part of a larger whole.

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