Noah Davis

October 14 to Novmenber 27, 2010

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Noah Davis. Inspired by photographs and art history, the artist paints psychological narratives that range from the surreal to the absurd. His work is infused with expressionism and emotional intensity. Davis’ paintings bear the mark of his brush and the tactile quality of the paint to create synthesis between figuration and gesture. The paintings stand in as narrator for forgotten or suppressed moments in history as told through a modern lens.

A series of small-scale bust paintings are existential and potent; each portrait is powerfully seductive. For the artist, the formal painterly references are a crucial element to his artistic practice.

Larger in scale, the other paintings on view demonstrate the artist’s ability to shift back and forth from intimate moments to more complex themes. Davis has purposely chosen a darker palette to unite the paintings and imbues them with a subconscious unease.

Noah Davis was born in 1983 in Seattle, Washington and lives and works in Los Angeles. Noah Davis attended The Cooper Union School of Art in New York. His work has recently been featured in group shows including 30 Americans at the Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL (2008-2009); Face Forward at Columbia University, New York, NY (2008). He has had solo exhibitions at Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles, Galerie Annarumma 404, Naples, Italy and at the Tilton Gallery in New York.

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