Andrew Witkin

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October 13 to November 26, 2011
Opening: Thursday, Oct. 13th 6-8PM

Witkin’s work investigates systems and structures that shape contemporary life and experiences. His artistic practice blurs the boundaries and roles of art. His new installation questions the established histories of modernism, minimalism and conceptualism, as well as realigning unspoken assumptions of spatial arrangements and boundaries. Removed from its gallery context, much of Witkin’s work could easily be confused with the elements populating our everyday lives, yet would live on as visible alterations in and out of context. His combination of photographic images and text asks the viewer to consider not just the ways in which language shapes things, but also how it can be codified into many meanings.

Witkin works with photography, furniture, text and various objects as agents to critique how they are conditioned by specific frameworks. Witkin explores the characteristics of objects and their formal structures. Using simple geometries or repetitive forms paralleling minimalist aesthetics, he uncovers and adjusts aspects of daily life. The placement of each object conflates its context to create an open-ended narrative weaving the artist’s personal relationship to the element with the history of the object, all while providing space for the viewer’s position, so as to create a well-balanced but oftentimes complex triangulation of comprehension.

This installation consists of multiple elements; each element can be viewed as a unique and discrete artwork. Themes unite the elements and thus the overall installation. Through the artistic actions of assembly, he introduces ideas of meaning, order, boundaries, coherence and reason. Language and visual codes link objects, allowing viewers to bring their own interpretations.

Andrew Witkin received his BA from Wesleyan University and his MA from Tufts. In 2008, he received the James and Audrey Foster Prize given by the ICA in Boston. His work has recently been shown at the National Museum in Damascus, Syria, the Worcester Art Museum, Harvard University, the ICA in Boston and others. He will have a large solo exhibition at the DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts opening in January 2013.

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