Pop Up, Pop In

Pop Up, Pop In
December 3 – 19, 2015

Opening Reception:
Thursday, December 3rd, 6-8PM
Closing Holiday Party:
Saturday, December 19th, 2-5PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present Pop Up, Pop In, a temporary group exhibition to celebrate the holiday season. This show features a choice selection of diverse art objects including ceramic pieces, paintings, photographs, and works on paper that offer the perfect gift for any art lover. The exhibition runs for two weeks, rotating through a selection of small-scale works by participating artists Claire Cowie, Steve Davis, Sol Hashemi, Jason Hirata, Alexander Kroll, Alleghany Meadows, Anthony Sonnenberg, Akio Takamori, and Bari Ziperstein. When a work is sold, it will be taken right off the wall and either replaced by available inventory or left empty, inviting an engaging and casual viewing experience.

The ceramic pieces in this show are both decorative and functional, ranging from to the glazed stoneware vases by Bari Ziperstein to the candelabras by Anthony Sonnenberg to the uniquely assembled dishware by Alleghany Meadows. Sonnenberg confronts the tension of indulgence in his work, exploring the internal struggle of lust for life and fear of death. Meadows is inspired by ritualistic experiences and how repetition and rhythm shape perceptions. Ceramic artist Akio Takamori, Seattle’s 2015 Mayor’s Arts Award Winner, presents new work including painted cups, vessel figures, and a series plates.

Also included, a grouping of small-scale abstract paintings by Jason Hirata, the 2015 Brink Award winner. The minimal yet playful gestures in this work demonstrate Hirata’s interest in the process of art making as both a formulaic conception and the spontaneous creative event. Steve Davis’ photographs of his hometown, American Falls, ID, suggest his own personal history but transcend their specificity and speak to a shared sense of American iconography. The works on paper by Claire Cowie and Alexander Kroll evoke the immediacy of art as a communicative language, each possessing their own unique vocabulary of image making. Pop Up, Pop In turns the gallery into a dynamic space that offers an intimate relationship with beautiful and accessible art objects to entice varied sensibilities and tastes.

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