Vik Muniz: “Chocolate, Ink, Soil, Cotton Balls and Thread”


Vik Muniz: “Chocolate, Ink, Soil, Cotton Balls and Thread”

Note:  Gallery is closed due to construction.  Exhibition on view after July 30, 2018

Vik Muniz transforms mundane materials into objects of wonder. The Brazilian photographer has manipulated everything from cotton balls, thread, chocolate, ink, and soil, to create the images that make up the source material of his early photographs. This exhibition focuses on five distinct series of works, which helped catapult the artist’s career into international recognition.

Working within the syntax of photography, Vik Muniz creates work that is not just simple photographs. In a labor-intensive process, he reproduces familiar images using a wide range of materials. The artist created an image out of these unconventional materials, photographs them and then destroys the original construction so that it only exists as a photograph. Viewed from a distance, the illusionistic effect and the resemblance of his works to the original pictures are striking. However, when seen up close the images dissolve revealing his clever use of materials, thus turning the attention of the viewer to the symbolic meaning and the formal characteristics of the substances as well as to the elaborate production process. The materials used always have a contextual link to the original images, thus adding another level of meaning.

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