Andrew Witkin

Installation view

Installation at James Harris Gallery, 2009
Andrew Witkin
untitled, 2001 to
ApplyPly wood and square drive screws in two units of four,
Each unit an edition of 25
32” x 16” x 16”
Andrew Witkin
untitled, 1996 to
ten frames, 23 full mats, 11 mats with pre-cut openings, one pile of clippings ‘in context’ (i.e. with captions, other info, full articles, etc), one pile of clippings ‘out of context’ (i.e. no captions, incomplete info) and one pile of clippings that have ‘errors’ (i.e. in the commercial printing process of magazines, newspapers, etc, inconsistent printing happens) on ApplyPly wood and square drive screws
9” x 76” x 16”

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