Andrew Witkin


Andrew Witkin
untitled, 1996 –
two magnifying glasses, two pieces of candy, two mirrors, one present, wrapped in craft paper and sealed with drafting tape, one empty metal frame and accompanying custom-cut matboard, one pair of safety glasses, one glass jar with coins, one pencil sharpener, one spool of thread, one wine bottle, one compass, one watch, assorted unframed drawings, sketches, plans, writings and newspaper clippings, assorted pods, plastics, metals, rocks and fabrics, assorted photographs (some mounted on cintra), assorted drafting tools and supplies, a number of boxes with numerous drawings, tickets, clippings and other small papers, selected rolls of adhesive tape, several electrical diagrams, several rubbed bands, various unaltered found papers, some plumbing elements, collected found objects, baltic birch plywood and stainless steel square-head screws, stained papers, foamcore, matboard, portfolios & plexiglas, among other materials that will be altered, rearranged, added and/or removed periodically
36 x 72 x 32 inches

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