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Jason Hirata
Born 1986 in Seattle, Washington, USA
Lives and works in Seattle and New York


BFA in Photography with honors, University of Washington
BA in Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington

Solo and Collaborative Shows

The Brink: Jason Hirata, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

sNewer uContemporary yFine aArt iPaintings r(Not for Sale), Vachon Gallery, SeattleU, WA

New Work, James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA
Optium, The Ledge, Olson Kundig, Seattle, WA
141201-150128, American Medium, NY

Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA

4Culture, Seattle
Quality You’ve Never Seen, Hedreen Gallery, The Fair, Vancouver BC
A Conversation, Act Theatre via SOIL, Seattle (with Chauney Peck)

MUST HAVE, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University
Let me be a stranger, Living Room, Seattle
New Guard IV, New Guard, Seattle
Jason Hirata: New Work, James Harris, Seattle
Wooden Sculptures, Plasteel, Seattle
to be like that which you have, Greg Kucera, Seattle (with Sol Hashemi)

The Gift Shop Presents: Presents, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle (with Sol Hashemi and Claire Cowie)
Generally Incidentally Light , Dirty Shed, Seattle (with Sol Hashemi)
Please Stand By; Stand By Me, Punch, Seattle (with Sol Hashemi)

Show 1, Storage Room, University of Washington, Seattle (with Sol Hashemi)
Arts Link Presents, Parnassus, University of Washington

Solo 1, Parnassus

Group Shows

DISJECTA, Portland Biennial, Portland, OR
Rocksbox Fine Art, Portland, OR
Coral Brush Node, Part 1, Fourteen30, Portland, OR
Fight 15, Center, Berlin, c/o
Portland 2014, White Box, U of O, c/o Appendix Space, Portland, OR
Video Library Vol. 1, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle, WA
A Light Spray, PMoMA, Portland, OR

Parallel Processing, J Lawrence, Seattle, WA
(You) New Bad Things (Video), Rocksbox Fine Art, Portland, OR
Dream Island, Royal College of Art, London

Most Dangerous Toys, Soil, Seattle, WA
Bubble Belly, Motel Lucie, Artissima-Lido
Group Affinity, Kunstverein, Munich
Game Theory, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle
Residence, Valley and Taylor, Seattle

Chilliwack International Biennial, British Columbia, Canada
Ready or Not its 2010, LACMA

Winner Takes All, Punch, Seattle
PONCHO Invitational, Western Bridge, Seattle
BFA Exhibition, Jacob Lawrence, University of Washington
School of Art Open, Jacob Lawrence

Works on Paper + Small 3D, Jacob Lawrence
Summer Institute in Arts and Humanities, Jacob Lawrence
Mighty Tieton, Galeria Dos, Tieton, Washington
School of Art Open, Jacob Lawrence

small + flat, Jacob Lawrence
School of Art Open, Jacob Lawrence

Curatorial Work

Raymond Boisjoly, Fourteen30, Portland (with TARL)
Dick Law, TARL, Seattle (with TARL)
The Pajama Game, Nepo House, Seattle
Ich verstehe die Trommel nicht mehr: Jan Vorisek and Mathis Altman, Lawrimore Project, Seattle, WA

Matthew Green: Kickin at a Coffin Lid, Duty Free, Seattle

Scholarships, Awards and Grants

Brink Award Recipient, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

New Foundation RPF, Seattle, WA
SUVAIR 2014-2015, Seattle University
Face Noises w/ Steve Kado, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto

Shackleton Award, ℅ Hauser and Wirth
Sommerakademie: Group Affinity, Kunstverein München

Merit Award, PONCHO
4Culture Individual Artist Grant, 4Culture

Milnor Roberts Scholarship, University of Washington
Mary Gates Research Scholarship for The Summer Institute in Arts and Humanities,
University of Washington
School of Art Open, Top Jurror’s Prize

Summer Scholarship, Pilchuck Glass school and University of Washington


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