Shaun O'Dell
"Leave the Capital" 2004
"Trans-scriptural Awakening from the Horizon of Blood Extraction" 2004
"Sunrise Over Historic discussion" 2004
"The Extractor Ghosts Post-accumulation Accumulation" 2004
"Where’s Blood Mountain?" 2004
"Primitive Contract for Metropolis Consumption vortex" 2004
"The Transformers Diagram Showing Imperialist Expansion of Continental Altitudes" 2004
"Leave the Capital" 2004
"Prophesy Extraction at the Confluence of Kykuit, The Western Medicinal Compact and the Southern Decline of a Blind Consensual Chiming" 2004
"Oh! Manifestation, Oh! Unmanifest" 2007
"Spectral Ascent Of Mind Resolution From The Body Horizon Of Blood" 2007
"Invitation From The Sky" 2007
"Hymn Of Oblivion Pt.3 : “Sad Memory Of Alignment" 2007
"Hymn Of Oblivion Pt.2: Natures Response (The Hex)" 2007
"Hymn of Oblivion Pt.1: Calling For The Hand" 2007
"Tone Storm of The Sovereign’s Retraction" 2007
"Exchange Collapse And Desolation Sequence For Liberation Unity" 2007
"Smoke Atonement on Skull Monument Plain' 2007
"The Rise and Thaw of Hunting the Sun" 2007