Alwyn O'Brien

With an extensive knowledge of the history of decorative artists and a passion for the baroque, O’Brien’s objects dissect the definition of the vessel through her use of lacey hand rolled coils used in a deliberate yet chaotic way to construct volume and shape. Pinching, rolling and fingerprints show signs of the hand and connect the material to body.

Alwyn O’Brien’s ceramic practice has taken her across Canada, studying at Capilano College, in Vancouver, Sheridan College of Ontario, the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. She received her MFA in 2010 from the University of Washington in Seattle and her BFA from Emily Carr Institute. Her work is featured in the collections of the Seattle Art Museum, Boise Art Museum, the Surrey Art Gallery, and the Mackenzie Art Gallery.

"Story of Looking" 2010
"Allegory of Something" 2010
“Hold My Hand and We’ll Swab the Decks One Last Time” 2012
"Destroying Angel" 2012
“Progress” 2012
“Drawn” 2013
"Clay Drawing" Archer Gallery, Clark College, 2013
"Hot Pink Flight" 2014
"Parked" 2014
“UR” 2015
"The Last Harlequin"
“WoodCutter’s Daughter” 2017
“Small Monuments of Forgotten Fruit #1” 2017
“Small Monuments of Forgotten Fruit #2” 2017
"Study at the Alter of Soft Pleasure" 2017
"California Night Sketch" 2017
"Old Sweater and Master in the Seed Bed, At Last" 2017
"Without Qualities" 2012
"Honey" 2014
"Milk" 2014
"White Barley II" 2014
"What To Do With All These Blues" 2014
"Parked" 2014
"California Night Sketch" 2017
“WoodCutter’s Daughter” 2017
“Small Monuments of Forgotten Fruit #2” 2017