Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott is a Seattle artist working within the mediums of painting and drawing on both large and small scale. His works use light as an object and his paintings have an impasto effect that he uses as a kind of artistic filter in his work. Elliott focuses on recognizable subjects, many referencing the natural world and abstracts them through the use of this filter as well as his unique use of light and color. Elliott’s artistic process continues to develop as he continues to experiment with a variety of techniques and scales in his work.

 Eric Elliott currently lives and works in Seattle, WA. He has had five solo exhibitions at James Harris Gallery, as well as displaying in a variety of group shows around the country. Currently Elliott is a professor at Colorado Mesa University.

"Ficus" 2008
Cookie Jar, 2010
"Untitled" 2007
"Blue Painting" 2007
"Untitled" 2008
"Spathiphylum" 2008
"Photinia #3" 2008
"Photinia #1" 2008
"Ficus" 2008
"Living Room" 2009
"Studio Objects #2" 2009
"Studio Tables" 2009
"Ficus #3" 2009
"Studio Objects" 2009
"Morning Light" 2009
"Photinia #7" 2009
"Photinia #4" 2009
"Ficus #2" 2009
"Alocasia" 2009
"In the Studio" 2009
"Tree" 2012
"Sunlight" 2012
"Photinia with Green Background" 2012
"Dissolving Studio" 2012
"Dissolving Forms" 2012
"Obfuscated Window" 2012
"Window Light 2" 2012
"Window Light 1" 2012
"Potted Plant" 2015
"Overgrown" 2015
"Tall Plant" 2015
"Philodendron 2" 2015
"Ficus" 2008