Brad Winchester: "RINSE/REPEAT"

January 4, 2018—February 24, 2018 | Reception Thursday, January 4th, 6-8PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibition with Seattle artist Brad Winchester entitled “RINSE/REPEAT.” For this exhibition, the artist includes a suite of wall hanging textile pieces made from reworked painter’s linen and framing materials. Trained as a painter, Winchester is always interested in the deep-rooted history of the medium, but his practice has long since taken a conceptual turn that challenges these constructs by emphasizing process and materiality. Over the past several years, the artist has developed his mixed media practice that relies on the experiential relationship to art objects, often playing with unique and unexpected modes of display. His works have an animate corporeal quality that confronts the viewer in their own bodily space while participating in a more philosophical discourse around how art functions via its materiality.

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"NODES" 2017
"NEW ELEMENTS (detail)" 2017
"ROAD MAP" 2017
"SKIM COAT with YELLOW" 2018
"SKIM COAT with BLUE" 2018

Brad Winchester

Winchester combines his training as a painter with his current interest in process, material plurality, and postconceptualization.  In his recent work, Winchester began by reconsidering painter’s linen as a sculptural and structural problematic. Using methods of deconstructing, dying, and re-presenting in unexpected ways in three dimensional space, Winchester challenges our relationship to and preconception of art objects.  Winchester’s effort to lay bare his process emphasizes the equal importance of conceptualization and actualization in this work.

Winchester received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. He currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.