Claude Zervas

May 7, 2009—June 6, 2009

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present our fourth exhibition by Seattle artist Claude Zervas. The artist continues to work with animated light and a variety of materials in sculptures that reference primitive marine life. The show will include two distinct series of light-based works; works in which the light projects movement onto the surface of the wall and wooden shadow boxes that emit light.

In Motonic Simulacra, Evolved Diatomoton and the other wall-mounted sculptures, Zervas continues to investigate the ideas of emotional embodiment and limbic perception, simulating the phenomenological aspects of movement displayed by primitive marine animals.

In Untitled (phosphene), Zervas is concerned with how the brain struggles to organize and interpret information. He lures the brain to attempt pattern recognition by referencing LED signs, yet there is no recognizable information, thus drawing the mind into a liminal state with no resolution.

As always in Zervas’ works, although they are technologically sophisticated, it is the simplicity of the renderings themselves that is the most compelling.

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"Phenomenomotonomous Simulacra, Evolved Diatomoton, Example #5" 2007
"Untitled (phosphene)" 2009
"Untitled (fermentation 2)" 2009