Claude Zervas: "the Big Blue Room"

July 3, 2003—August 23, 2003 | Reception Thursday, July 3rd, 6-8PM

Claude Zervas explores the artistic potential of the nature of his creative tools: computer, scanner, and fluorescent tubing. In his digital prints and sculptural light peices he employs certain elements of technology that are ignored or unseen (the way light is translated by a scanner, and the means through which LCD screens are illuminated), Zervas articulates an aesthetic centered around the viscera of technology.

"Flashlight 1" 2003
"Flashlight 2" 2003
'Flashlight 3" 2003
"Ten Matches" 2003
"Big Field" 2003
"Alvrod" 2003
"Untitled" 2003
"Lake Ann" 2003
"Untitled" 2003