Claudette Schreuders

October 4, 2007—November 10, 2007 | Reception Thursday, Oct. 4th, 6-8PM

The JHG Project space is pleased to present the first Northwest exhibition of sculpture, drawing and prints by South African artist Claudette Schreuders. Based on the “colon” carving tradition used by Africans during the colonial period to depict European settlers, Schreuders wonderful figurative works reflect the ambiguities of ‘African’ identity in the post-apartheid 21st century. Clothing, gesture and nuance become subtle signifiers to investigate racial identity as well as the religious and political complexities of South African culture. In both the two and three dimensional work, the figures resemble folk art with their generalized features and diminutive scale but they convey a very personal story. Her figures are essentially modern deities for modern problems, engaging with issues of foreignness and hostility and the means we use to create space in unfamiliar and alien environments.

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"The Quiet Brother" 2007
"1970" 2007
"Lady Luck" 2007
"New Shoes" 2007
"Officer Molete" 2007
"The Boyfriend" 2007
"The Long Day" 2007
"The Missing Person" 2007
"The Neighbor" 2007
"Three Sisters" 2007
"Lady Luck" 2003
"Virgin" 2006