David Huffman: "Prints"

July 18, 2009—August 22, 2009 | Reception Saturday, July 18th, 3-5PM

Writer Kenneth Caldwell describes Huffman’s practice as “rich compositions that explore identity and socio-political history in a futuristic world of metaphor. Some images are related to reclaiming African American icons, including historic ones like early slave trader buildings, and others are more recent, like basketball players. Still others are more personal, like astronauts, flying saucers, and even the local liquor store near Huffman’s studio. But they all relate to Huffman’s conscious and unconscious memories of childhood, art school, and growing up in a politically turbulent time.”

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"Basketball Pyramid" 2007
"Traumanauts Return Home" 2005
"Renumeration" 2005
"Watermelon Pyramid" 2007
"UFO" 2007
"Hoop Dreams" 2007
"Ouroboros"  2007