Jeffry Mitchell: "Watercolors and Ceramic Sculpture"

October 14, 2004—November 27, 2004 | Reception Thursday, Oct. 14th, 6-8PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Jeffry Mitchell. The artist challenges the formal opposition between two and three dimensional art forms with whimsy and originality. The show will consist of drawings and ceramic sculpture investigating the subject of flowers, a subject that has recurred in the artist’s work over the past fifteen years. Mitchell first used the flower as image when he lived in Japan, where the relationship of flowers and ceramics is fundamental. In today’s high tech world, Jeffry Mitchell is an artist with a personal touch. His watercolors and sculptures have a knowing naiveté. As a master of duality, he melds childhood innocence with arch sophistication

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"Good Council (at the bus stop)" 2004
"Seasick Sailors and The Silver Cord" 2004
"Good Council (on cracked ice)" 2004
"Fishnet Vases" 2004
"Zum Goldenen Walde (To the Golden Forest)!" 2004
"Rosy Peonies #1" 2004
"Rose  Peony #2" 2004
"Rose Peony #3" 2004
"Rose Peony #4" 2004
"Rose Peony #5" 2004