John Bankston: "New Work"

September 2, 2010—October 9, 2010 | Reception Thursday, September 2nd, 6-8PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by John Bankston. In this group of work, Bankston sets his characters in an ambiguous landscape with a group of iconic objects inspired by his personal African art collection. Masks, statues and textiles are a new addition to his image vocabulary in which the artist uses to enhance the narrative with cultural symbols. Both the characters and objects in each painting represent clues from the artist’s own personal history and imagination. Each painting acts as a single moment from within the extended storyline of the exhibition. The show will consist of nine paintings and three ceramic sculptures. The work explores the idea of the narrative while suggesting the subconscious and a child-like sense of the imaginary.

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"One Twin" 2009
"Aria" 2010
"At The Beach" 2009
"L'il Solja" 2009
"Cat and Bird" 2009
"Large Tree" 2009
"Chill Wind" 2009
"Mr. M" 2009
"Holding On" 2009
"Little Man's Gift" 2010
"Unfurled" 2009
"Past is Present" 2009