"Looking Outside"

August 15, 2020—October 24, 2020 | Opening Sept 12 continuing thru Oct 24, 2020

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition titled “Looking Outside” featuring works by nine visual artists from Washington and Oregon. The artists span different generations, backgrounds, disciplines, and formal practices. The show hopes to draw connections between disparate ideas that make looking at rewarding and challenging.   The nine artists are Dan Gluibizzi, Lauren Grossman, Lee Kelly, Elizabeth Malaska, Steven Miller, Sarah Norsworthy, Lucinda Parker, Ryan Pierce, and Molly Vaughan.  We excited to present a show of all new artists for the gallery.  By looking at these artists to gain a wider view of the rich art landscape we have in the Pacific Northwest.

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“After Boucher: Young woman with two cupids and a vase on the extrados of an arch with a relief of a woman below” 2020
“After Boucher: Study of a young boy drawing a cork from a bottle” 2020
“After Fragonard: Les Jets D’Eau reinvestigated in the style of Boucher” 2020
“After Boucher: River gods and naiads” 2020
“After Boucher: Study of a Seated Young Female Nude Extending Her Hands to Her Right Foot with Harpies and Cupid” 2020
“Self-Portrait on Bed” 2020
"Blue Distance" 2019
"Apple Tree" 2019
"Dragon" 2020
"Submontane" 2012
“Cracked Ice” 2013
“Yucatan Goddess l” 2018
“Antigua II” 2018
"Desert Waypoint" 2019
"Passion Mask" 2019
“Prospect (for David Buckel)” 2018
“A couple searched [11]” 2019
"four" 2019
"Still Life with Moon and Flowers" 2018
"Dry" 2019
"JP DeGennaro" 2020
"Liz Tran" 2020
"Jake Nelson" 2020
"Pinto" 2013
"And This They Begin to Do" 2019
"Head of Job's Wife" 2017