Ron Nagle "Sculpture"

January 7, 2010—February 20, 2010 | Reception Thursday, January 7th, 6-8PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of sculpture by Ron Nagle. The San Francisco-based sculptor works in glazed earthenware to create evocative abstract works. Color and texture are dominant in his small pieces, most of which are no larger than six inches on a side. This is his first solo exhibit at James Harris Gallery. Ron Nagle has been working in clay for fifty years, and his pieces have been shown internationally. For this exhibition, Nagle shows a selection of small-scale sculptures that illustrate the progression of his ceramics. Inspired by the paintings by Giorgio Morandi, Nagle’ decided to focus on making cups, and has worked almost exclusively on variations of cups, often pushing the form to the point of abstraction.

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"Tetrogene" 2008
"Scrunchabunch" 2008
"Hawaiian Minor" 2008
"Crab Shadow Cup" 1997
"Boss Tanning" 2005
"Lez is Mo" 2005