Sarah Awad: "Instruments of Culture"

September 1, 2011—October 8, 2011 | Reception Thursday, Sept. 1st, 6-8pm

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Sarah Awad.  The show will feature her most recent works from 2011.  Awad’s paintings are philosophical examinations of how space (physical, psychological, and imagined), can exist within a painting.  This often involves the reinterpretation of historical architecture through abstraction.  Psychological, social, and political space is also present, due Awad’s use of figures and social rituals.

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"Courtyard" 2011
"Fallen Heads" 2011
"Power of Aphrodesia" 2011
"The Things They Carried" 2011
"Valley of Replicas" 2011
"Waiting Room" 2011
"Illusion and Calamity" 2011