Scott Foldesi: "New Paintings"

January 8, 2009—February 14, 2009 | Reception Thursday, January 8th, 6-8PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present our second solo exhibition of paintings by Scott Foldesi. Working from photographs culled from various media sources or shot by the artist himself, the artist’s paints landscapes and interiors that are eerily familiar. Converting an otherwise ordinary locale into a dramatic symbol of the American vernacular landscape, Foldesi paints strip malls, parking lot, big box retailers, and motels often bereft of human activity. His subject matter that is normally full of life is now deserted monuments. Foreshortened compositions, reduced forms and vibrant colors imbue the paintings with a sense of irony.

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"Motel Pool" 2008
"Bench" 2008
"Tabloids" 2008
"Gas Station" 2008
"Motel" 2008
"Superstore" 2008
"Truck Stop" 2008