Seattle Art Fair 2016

August 4, 2016—August 7, 2016

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present 10 artists at this year’s Seattle Art Fair. A variety of works in both two and three dimensions will be shown within our booth; including works by Gary Hill, Akio Takamori, Cameron Martin and many more. We are excited to present several new works by artists we represent from in and around the Seattle area. We will be accompanied by RITE Editions from San Francisco, run by Robin Wright. RITE Editions will feature works by artists Elisheva Biernoff and Daren Wilson.

Artists Exhibited:

Gary Hill 

Fay Jones 

Cameron Martin 

Evan Nesbit 

Mary Ann Peters 

Richard Rezac 

Akio Takamori 

Carrie Mae Weems 

Bing Wright 

Amir Zaki

"Amphor" 2015
"Talland" 2016
"Cherry Tree Grid 002" 2015
"Silver Prints (for Rejlander)" 2007
"Sono, the Sentinel" 2015
"Porosity (Sky Lab)" 2015
"this trembling turf" 2016
"Untitled" 2015-16
"Deflection Drawings (1-4)" 2015
"Painting with Two Balls (after Jasper Johns)" 2016
"Untitled Vertical Triptych" 1993
"Honey Thief" 2016
"Squatting Boy in Pink Shirt" 2015
"Untitled (15-04)" 2015
"Untitled (Tower 19)" 2010