Shaun O'Dell: "Portal Oh! Portal"

June 7, 2007—July 7, 2007 | Reception Thursday, June 7th, 6-8PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present a new group of Shaun O’Dell’s archetypal drawings. Balanced between autobiographical and historical narratives, O’Dell’s intricate iconography traces humanity’s complex relationship to nature. He employs paternalistic figures from literature and history to explore the imperialist, nationalistic, racist, and environmentally irresponsible ideologies constructed by America’s ruling elite. Pilgrims, buffalos, and bald eagles, mingle amidst liberty bells and menacing skulls. Portraits resembling our forefathers and three-masted vessels linger above pristine renderings of setting suns and feathered bridges. Together, the imagery maps the exploitation of the natural world and ultimately exposes how American cultural and nationalistic ideologies have been constructed from our fears.

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"The Rise and Thaw of Hunting the Sun" 2007
"Smoke Atonement on Skull Monument Plain' 2007
"Exchange Collapse And Desolation Sequence For Liberation Unity" 2007
"Tone Storm of The Sovereign’s Retraction" 2007
"Hymn of Oblivion Pt.1: Calling For The Hand" 2007
"Hymn Of Oblivion Pt.2: Natures Response (The Hex)" 2007
"Hymn Of Oblivion Pt.3 : “Sad Memory Of Alignment" 2007
"Invitation From The Sky" 2007
"Spectral Ascent Of Mind Resolution From The Body Horizon Of Blood" 2007
"Oh! Manifestation, Oh! Unmanifest" 2007