Sol Hashemi "Industry Standard"

September 6, 2012—September 29, 2012 | REception Thursday, September 6th, 6-8PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to announce Industry Standard, our second exhibition of new work by Sol Hashemi. Working in the genres of still life photography and sculpture, Hashemi explores what arises when one collapses different sectors of production by using a combination of techniques, materials, and aesthetics gleaned from diverse fields. The artist selectively mines industrial, commercial, consumer, scientific, educational, and hobbyist methods to conflate the commonality found amongst these seemingly disparate areas of production. Everyday objects such as aluminum cans, color charts and bar codes are layered into arrangements that intentionally emphasize our common experience of images.

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"Untitled (Beans)" 2012
"Untitled (Background)" 2012
"Untitled (vitacoco)" 2012
"Untitled (Lemonade)" 2012