UNTITLED. ART. Miami Beach Booth B36

November 23, 2019—December 8, 2019 | DECEMBER 1 TO 8, 2019 UNTITLED. ART. Miami Beach GALLERY IN SEATTLE CLOSED

For UNTITLED, ART. 2019 we will present work by five artists; two painters (Evan Nesbit and Brad Winchester), two sculptors (Efrain Almeida and Tony Feher), and one photographer (Amir Zaki). The works on view challenge our perception of space and connectivity, through the use of repetition, fragmentation and assembly. 


Nesbit, Winchester and Almeida all have works which force the viewer to connect the work by turning fragments into wholes.  Feher, Zaki, and Winchester all dramatically take sculptural form to transform their materials and subjects. Though these are somewhat disparate pieces, all artists use repetition in their work, both in process, material, and form. This repetition heightens the sense of perspective around concavity, convexity, and planar-geometry, which—both metaphorically and literally—pulls at the threads of forms and ideas in space.  The artworks will take viewers on a visual and material journey with elements of verticality, horizontality, expanse, and enclosure. 

"Expanding Variables" 2019
"Green Window" 2001
"Concrete Vessel 55" 2018
“Pés” 2001
"SMEAR" 2019
"Concrete Vessel 2" 2018
"Concrete Vessel 19" 2018
"Sky" 2016
"Untitled" 2001
"Eyes" 2011
"Head Dreamer" 2011
“Run Nigger Run” 1992
“Untitled Vertical Triptych” 1993
"Modal Painting (Y002)" 2019