Adam Sorensen

“Landscape painting affords me a wealth of tradition and influence, and provides a platform that seems familiar and recognizable. 19th century romanticism, Japanese woodblock prints, and Abstract expressionism all factor into my works vocabulary. I work primarily in a reactive sense. A certain rock may lead to another, which in turn may lead to a specific tree. The scenes I end up composing, function as both utopian and eerily post-apocalyptic. Both of which can be seen metaphorically as social concerns in contemporary life. By inviting the viewer in visually, I ask them to recall where we have been, explore where we are now, and confront where we may be headed.” - Adam Sorensen

Adam Sorensen lives and works in Portland, OR. He had a solo show of his work at the Portland Art Museum in 2011, and shows extensively around Portland and Seattle. The artist has work in the collection of the Boise Art Museum, Seattle University, Portland Art Museum, Progressive Corporation among others. His paintings have been shown nationally.

National Park: Blue Stone, 2007
Grizzly, 2007
Mid-Alp, 2007
No Hills, 2008
Gold Coast, 2008
Fjorn, 2008
"Banks I," 2009
Flusskeller, 2010
Old Waters, 2011
"Scarlet Clouds," 2012
"Overlook," 2012
Aurora, 2012
"Elgon" 2014
"Corkscrew," 2014
"Mashu," 2014
Nauk, 2014
"Elgon" 2014
"Fogo" 2014