Bing Wright

Wright has always been fascinated by the correlation between the photo and a mirror, both being silver based picture planes. At the beginning of his artistic career, Wright was exposed to the potential of the medium by John Szarkowski’s legendary exhibition Mirror and Windows in 1978, which reconstructed the framework of the photographic image as a two-dimensional pictorial surface into a conceptual space. With a postmodern perspective of the photographic image, the medium expanded into diverse practices that continue to reorient our relationship to photography. 

 Bing Wright was born in Seattle in 1958 and received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Columbia University, New York. His work been shown in exhibitions at the New Museum, New York; White Columns, New York; the Queens Museum of Art, New York; and the Tang Museum and Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs, among others. His work is in several public collections, including The Museum of Modern Art, the Portland Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase Bank, and Citigroup. Wright recently curated an exhibition of 1970s photography from the collection of the Washington Art Consortium. He lives and works in New York City.

Rain Window V, 1989,
Bug Window II, 1989,
Greyscape (Moving Clouds), 1991,
Greyscape (Lake Union), 1991,
Still Life IV, 1993,
Still Life VI, 1993,
Encyclopedic Pictures (Train), 2002,
Encyclopedic Pictures (Kids in Summer), 2002
"Upside Down" 2006b
"Solitary" 2006
White Ribbon Falling, 2012
2013, Installation at Paula Cooper Gallery
“Broken Mirror/Evening Sky(Agfachrome)” 2012
“Broken Mirror/Evening Sky(Kodachrome)” 2012
"Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (E-6)" 2012
"3 Planes of Silver 4" 2015
"Rectangle with Shadow" 2015
"Corner with Shadow" 2015
"Cherry Tree Grid 002" 2015
"Large Cherry Tree Grid" 2015
“Silver Surface 3 Planes of  Silver 014” 2017
"Large Cherry Tree Grid 1" 2017
"Cherry Tree Grid 07" 2017
"Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Ektacolor)" 2012
"Blow-Up/Girl Long Hair" 2019
"Blow Up/Splashing Girl" 2019
"Blow Up/Crouching Girl" 2019
"Blow Up/Blue Shoes" 2019
"Blow Up/Girl Plastic Bag" 2019
"Blow Up/Floral Sunsuit" 2018
"Blow Up/Boy Looking" 2018
"Dead Flies (Scroll)" 2010
"Northwest Trees (Scroll)" 2010
"Greyscape (Lake Union)" 1991
"Greyscape (Puget Sound)" 1991
"Greyscape (Billboard)" 1991
"Silver on Mirror (Arbus)" 2009
"Silver on Mirror (Man Ray)" 2009
"Cherry Tree Grid 005" 2015
"Cherry Tree Grid 014" 2015
"Upside Down" 2006b
"Solitary" 2006
"Empty Vase" 2006
"Rose Petals" 2006
"Broken Mirror/Evening Sky(C-22)" 2012
"Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (E-6)" 2012
“Broken Mirror/Evening Sky(Agfachrome)” 2012
“Broken Mirror/Evening Sky(Kodachrome)” 2012
"Silver Prints (for Rejlander)" 2007
"Form with Reflection" 2015
"3 Planes of Silver 4" 2015