Amy Blakemore: "Photographs 2009-2010"

September 2, 2010—October 9, 2010 | Reception Thursday, September 2nd, 6-8PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new photographs by Houston artist Amy Blakemore. Using a Diana camera for more than two decades, Blakemore captures images of friends, family, and landscapes that belie the fleeting nature of time, place, and relationships.

Blakemore’s work muses on candid moments ̶ a woman on a solitary walk, a man carrying a young boy, or a teenager caught in an awkward pose ̶ and the mood is ponderous, intimate, and sometimes slightly voyeuristic. Despite being populated by strangers, Blakemore’s photographs possess a strong sense of familiarity. We recognize the gestures and the situations, the worry and the beauty seen by her lens. There is a strong emotional content, in what appears so commonplace. Originally rooted in documentary traditions, Blakemore has compared the activity of photography to the process of gathering broken bits and lost objects discovered serendipitously during long walks.

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"Stephanie" 2010
"Boy in Woods" 2010
"Debby" 2010
"Mom" 2009
"Raleigh" 2010
"Willem" 2010