Henry Turmon: "Sculpture and Drawings"

May 1, 2003—May 31, 2003 | Reception Thursday, may 1st, 6-8PM

This exhibition was the artist’s second at the gallery. Over the past ten years, the underlying theme of Turmon’s work has been the systematic elevation of objects based on ordinary vessels, scientific instruments, or other containers for information. This investigation acts as a vehicle for entering a personal view of imagination and memory. Not only have his sculptural forms and drawings centered on both the literal and the metaphorical definition of a vessel, but they also incorporate a hidden temporal aspect as if the passage of time, however marked or measured by human presence, is a continuum.

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"Shadow Red" 2003
"Element Black" 2003
"Babble (Small #1)" 2003
"Element White" 2003
"Babble" 2003
"Babble (detail0" 2003
"Lesson" 2003
"No Title" 2003
"Companion's Shadow" 2003