PULSE Miami Beach 2015

December 1, 2015—December 5, 2015 | James Harris Gallery: Booth S202

James Harris Gallery is please to present Squeak Carnwath & Roy Dowell in a two person exhibition at Pulse Miami Beach 2015.  We are excited to be showcasing the work of these two established artists who have both had a profound effect as educators in their community as well as critical acclaim for their artistic practices.

"A Little Love" 2014
"Almost Perfect" 2015
"Our Reality" 2014
"I Wish" 2011
"Light" 2011
"Untitled #1067" 2015
"Untitled #1034" 2013
"Untitled #1015" 2012
"Untitled #1036" 2013
"Untitled #1032" 2013

Squeak Carnwath

Squeak Carnwath is a painter and printmaker who uses text, color field painting, and a wide variety of recognizable symbols to make interesting, engaging, and relatable works. Her works have the intimate feel of a diary, but acknowledge universal themes that are familiar to every viewer. Her paintings work together to form a kind of visual conversation within the spaces that they are displayed. Carnwath utilizes traditional painting techniques such as trompe l’oeil and symbolism, while also making statements that question the viewer’s thoughts and emotions. Carnwath wants the viewer to make connections between words, objects and shapes; connections that often evoke moments of humor and sadness. Carnwath currently lives and works in Oakland, California.

 She has received numerous awards including the Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art (SECA) Award from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, two Individual Artist Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Award for Individual Artists from the Flintridge Foundation. Carnwath is Professor Emerita at the University of California, Berkeley.

Roy Dowell

Roy Dowell is a multi-media artist who uses painting, sculpture, and collage in his work. Dowell’s interest lies in modernism, and the elements in his work echo this. He uses elements of everyday imagery and life and abstracts them to remove them from a familiar context and make them something of his own. Viewers are then able to decipher the works and pull out these links. Dowell’s two-dimensional and three-dimensional works go seamlessly together and play off of one another to create a body of work. His works reference not only daily life but the cultures and imagery Dowell has encountered on his travels around the world.

 Roy Dowell lives and works in Los Angeles. His work is in the permanent collections of LACMA, MOCA Los Angeles, The Hammer Museum, SFMOMA, MCA San Diego, the Jumex Collection, the Eli Broad Collection, and many other significant institutional and private collections.