Suara Welitoff, "Everything’s happening all the time"

July 20, 2013—August 3, 2013 | Reception: Thursday, June 20th, 6:00 to 8:00PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present our first exhibition of videos by artist Suara Welitoff. The exhibit, titled, Everything’s happening all the time, will feature three single-channel videos. Of the works, one will be projected and two will be shown on wide screen monitors. Welitoff’s elegant, monochromatic moving images are notable for their painterly nature. Devoid of sound, the artist’s expressive style weighs the familiar against the surreal by slowing and looping clips of found footage that emphasize the subtlety of human gesture.

The center piece of the exhibition will be a work titled “Wireless” projected onto the gallery wall, featuring two silhouetted black figures trudging through an endless white space. The men are aligned through their movement, slowly making progress on what appears to be an arduous journey. On the flanking walls, two monitors show videos in which the artist has used bold colors to heighten the action. The dramatic effect of Welitoff’s blurry, slow-motion scenes awash in strong hues imbues each work with emotional content.

Welitoff’s videos are meticulous edited. She distills human interaction into poetic moments. Her heightened use of color bathes her short film sequences with an intensity of emotion. These soundless moving images transform the ordinary into a message of subtle beauty where a fight becomes a dance or a walk becomes a revelation.

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"Wireless" 2012
"Clouds (history repeating itself)" 2009
"Perfect Circle"
"Lasts Longer" 2008
"Yet to be titled" 2013
"Untitled" 2013