Yunhee Min: "Events in Dense Fog"

September 4, 2003—October 4, 2003 | Reception Thursday, Sept. 4th, 6-8PM

With no reference to the real physical world, Yunhee Min’s paintings are dominated by vertical bands of color that function either as a whole or as fields of color joined together. Her paintings dispel spatial illusion and are meant to convey an experience of totality. The artist uses shaped canvases to emphasize the relationship of the viewer; thus the observer becomes part of the painting. As such, Min’s paintings are an investigation of the relationships of the individual to a given space, specifically the way in which this relationship is mediated by surface, color, and shape. Min touches upon this perceptual connection as a confrontation without any transition between a minimum and maximum effect. The category of experiences here alluded to is that of the sublime. In a sense it is a reinvention of monochrome painting. Aptly titled “Events in Dense Fog” the paintings in the exhibition explore an ambiguity of color implied by an atmospheric condition. She chooses colors such as deep maroons, subtle pinks, or bluish grays. Her colors define the edges of the skewed rectangle of the paintings. Devoid of brushwork, the austerity of the bands of color evokes a purism and immediacy of their effect.

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"Events In Dense Fog #9" 2003
"Almargo #1" 2003
"Events in Dense Fog #7" 2002