Viola Frey

Many people think of Viola Frey as a maker of ceramic objects.  Formerly trained as a painter, she studied with both Richard Diebenkorn and Mark Rothko, Frey’s practice incorporated painting, drawing and even photography.  Frey was a cultural observer and her work reflected how she interpreted the world.   One core theme explored throughout her career was the social commentary on the power structure between male and female and the roles they played during her lifetime. This investigation is prescient today with the continued struggle for equal rights and the upward path to break the glass ceiling.   Her work was strongly influenced by her passion for art history, and her resulting imagery can often be viewed through this lens.

Junkyard Planet,  1970
"Untitled (Reclining Female Nudes and Blue Stripes)" 1970
"Untitled (Blue, Green, and Yellow Vessel with Forms)" 1969-1970
"Alameda Flea Market" 1970-71
Pink Lady  1973
"Untitled (Manikin Man with Figurines)" 1974-75
"Esther Williams and Deborah Kerr at Pool" 1975
“Seated Man with a Hand" 1975-1999
"Junkman, Bricolear" 1977
"H.K. in the doorway"c. 1978
"Self Portrait with Head and Splash" 1980
"Grandmother's Teacup" 1978
"Possessions Series II" 1981
"Untitled (Face, Figurines, Doll Head)" 1982
"Woman Underneath Studio" 1982
"Untitled (July IV, 1982)" 1982
"Me Man" 1984
"Untitled (Large Nude Red Man)" 1987
Pink Lady  1990-1991
“Untitled (Female Nude with Yellow Bird)” 1990
“Untitled (Studio Model Series)” 1990
Nude with Figurines  1992
“The Discussion I” 1994
"Artist Mind/Artist Studio" 1994
"Grandmother with Baseball Player" 1990-94
“Untitled (W) Woman in Long Dress” 1995
“Western Civilization Diptych #1” 1997
"Western Civilization I" 2000
"Man with World at Feet" 2000
""Bird Headed Woman" 1999
“Untitled (Pink Ears and Red Lips Bricolage)” 1984-1985
"Untitled" 1988
"Grandmother's Teacup" 1978
"Untitled (Blue, Green, and Yellow Vessel with Forms)" 1969-1970
“Untitled (Studio Model Series)” 1990
“The Discussion I” 1994