Fay Jones "Las Golondrinas"

January 8, 2020—January 25, 2020 | Reception for the artist, Saturday Nov 9th, 11:30AM to 1:30PM

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present our second solo exhibition by Fay Jones. This show, titled “Las Golondrinas,” consists of large scale works on paper, a mode of painting that Jones continues to return to throughout her career. “Las Golondrinas” is a symbolic and cathartic presentation of loss and grief, hope and joy. This duality is mirrored in Jones’ signature usage of a horizon line- a divide between two worlds and two perspectives. Rather than directly contrast one another, these multiple realities allude to the complexities and interconnectedness of human experiences. These paintings are in memoriam of Jones’ late husband, Robert C. Jones, who died this past year. Bob was also an artist and their lives seamlessly wove together creativity and family.

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“Territorial Landscape: Dark Clouds” 2019
"The Sky Was Falling" 2019
“Memento Mori” 2019
"Light Rain" 2019
"Storm Warning" 2019
"Tilted Horizon" 2019
“Las Golondrinas” 2019
"Dusk" 2019
“Nuevo Zapato Rojo” 2019