Richard Rezac

Richard Rezac (b. 1952, Nebraska) creates refined, and elegant objects comprised of pure reductive forms; his inspiration drawn in part from emotive encounters with architectural and design details situates his work closely to the Post-minimalist artists of the 1980s. Human in scale and mounted on the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or placed on the floor, Rezac’s sculptures open viewers to close-looking and reflection upon the forms. Surfaces of painted and natural wood, aluminum and bronze contain subtleties that reveal the pristine sculptures as actually handmade. Richard Rezac has received prestigious awards including the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, the Joan Mitchell Foundation Award, Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award, and the Rome Prize Fellowship from the American Academy in Rome. He has exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art- Chicago, Yale University Art Gallery, Aspen Art Museum, Portland Art Museum and others. Public collections include the Art Institute of Chicago, Dallas Museum of Art, Portland Art Museum, Detroit Institute of Art, and the Smart Museum at the University of Chicago, among others. Rezac lives and works in Chicago, IL where he is Adjunct Professor of Sculpture, Drawing, and Graduate Advising at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

(copied from Rhona Hoffman)

"Hands," 1982
 Untitled (1986-2003)
Untitled (87-12) , 1987
 Untitled (1993-2006)
 Untitled (1993-2001)
"Untitled," 1994
"Untitled (01-07)," 2001
 Untitled (2002-2005)
"Seated" 2004
 Untitled (2005-2001)
"Untitled (07-10)" 2007
 "Zeilschip (knot)", 2013
"Untitled (15-07)" 2015
"Icarus (According to Brueghel)" 2016
"Laterano (panel)" 2016
"Tendril (Thomaskirche)", 2017
Untitled (2017-2007)
"Quimby", 2017
"Untitled (23-07)" 2023
"Untitled (22-11)" 2022
"Untitled 95-04" 1995
“Dreigesight (Hurson)”, 2016,
Untitled (17-05), 2017,
"Untitled (01-07)," 2001
"Untitled (99-07)" 1999
"Untitled (Door)" 2002
"PM (97-10)" 1997
"Seated" 2004
"Untitled (05-04)" 2005
"Untitled (03-05)" 2003
"Study for Seated" 2004
"Untitled (12-03)" 2012
"Study for Untitled (11-01)" 2011
"Untitled (11-02)" 2011
"Untitled (09-07)" 2009
"Study for "Dreigesicht (Hurson)"" 2016
"Study for "Laterano"" 2016
"Untitled (14-06)" 2014
"Laterano (panel)" 2016
"Untitled (15-07)" 2015
"Untitled (16-02)" 2016
April 2018

In this show the Chicago-based artist presents new, old, and reworked pieces spanning his last decade of production. In its presentation, Address is attentive to the nuances of the gallery’s neo-gothic architecture, curated by Solveig Øvstebø. On view September 7th.